The Boogie Man Cometh

The Photos

Cover Shot
There's four photos, and one "text scan", displayed here - click on any one of the "thumb-nail" photos to see a larger sample of the scan (file sizes are approx. 45K).

Top Left is from the magazine cover; Top Right was nested within the article; Middle Left is a full-page picture from within the article, and Bottom Right is from the title page. These photos were taken for "Words and Music" by Wendi E. Lombardi, a free-lance photographer.

Micky & Marc
Live ShotCollage
Clicking on the "text scan" (Bottom Left) will take you to a very special photo collage, in memorium to that T.Rex concert at New York's "Academy of Music". Rick Dalvano (a.k.a. "The Rickster"), who attended that concert, sent me the ticket and concert program scans. The photos were taken by Sukita (who has published a book loaded with T.Rex photos from their tour in 1972.)

Rick sent these to me as a token of gratitude; In return, I am profoundly grateful to Rick (and Sukita) who helped to enliven this article with their treasured souvenirs of that evening.

-- Robert --
Mural Shot

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